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Become a partner if you're an Instagram or Webtoon artist.

Become an ambassador if you just like social media.

For partners, we are looking for artists with a following on Instagram or Webtoon. Your art is beautiful and we want to scream it to the world!

For ambassadors, we are looking for someone who shares the same excitement we do, for art, aesthetics, and capturing a moment to stick on your laptop, Hydro Flask, or notebook to share with everyone!

If you fall into one of the above 2 categories, we want to hear from you.



Join us and start selling, with no cost-period.

As easy as 1, 2, 3.


Reach out!

Title your email, "Request of Partnership - [Your Name]"

Work out contract details with us, then sign to make it official!

We want to make sure you and your work is protected, and we want you to have the best experience you can, from the first email to seeing the final product.



Post your new (complementary) sticker products on social media, and start selling!

There are no costs to you - no hidden fees, no initial purchase, nothing.

MORII was built to be a platform that lets all artists⁠—whether you're a professional animator or high school dreamer⁠—start bringing their dreams to life and earn revenue, without any worry over the logistics of starting their own shop or initial costs. All you're responsible for is your own thing; let us handle the rest.



Influencer, influencer-in-the-making, dot-journal enthusiast... or just a teen in a few social circles?

If you've got a couple thousand followers, an average of a few hundred likes, or just a love for stickers or aesthetics (and free stuff), reach out.


We want you.



Own a store of your own and need a supplier? Or simply need upwards of 40 stickers?

If you're looking to buy a design in bulk (either one from our store or one of your own), you've found the right place! We print matte vinyl weatherproof and waterproof stickers, and can match or beat another supplier's price. Of course, the more you order, the lower the cost of each sticker. Feel free to reach out to get a quote or start a conversation!

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